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Innovation, technology and experience have always distinguished every step of our history that starts from afar, putting our skills at your service to promote physical and motor wellness in response to every necessity. LOM Group is a company born from decades of experience in the orthopedic sector that aims to offer a highly innovative service in the fields of posture medicine applied to sport, work and leisure.

Our structure is constantly evolving and aims to offer a complete and customisable package of activities and services directly aimed at improving the life and solving the related problems of everyone.

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Unique and advanced detection systems

The continuing study, professionalism and competence allow us to offer integrated systems for the detection of the footing and for the production of orthotics in an efficient and highly technological way. Our LOM GROUP research and development team perfected the most advanced integrated process with diagnostic, control and production functions, through CAD-CAM, of orthotics directly on the patient. A technology that facilitates the work of orthopedist and all operators, given that it is able to solve any medical problem of footing and posture.
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A reference not only for orthopedists

Over time the awareness in these support tools has grown setting the company in a position to become the reference for wellness specialists and professionals, as well as a consultant for numerous professional athletes and sports clubs who use our business to improve performance, holding the competition and drastically reducing the possibility of injuries by their athletes.

We are always focused on what we want to achieve: here you can find a company that guarantees continuous improvement and development of new technologies and that makes staff and their training the heart of our business, concious that a highly qualified and trained TEAM can achieve important goals. Thanks to this imprinting, we have reached levels of excellence both nationally and internationally.

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