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The ideal platform for orthopedic professionals

Born from the need of making it accessible to an increasingly aware public of the importance of support systems for posture and sports and other activities, the LOM Group development team has studied an innovative online platform for the design and manufacture of customized insoles known as Plantar Web.

The software, unique in Italy, was developed to allow all operators in the orthopedic sector to immediately transmit the patient data to the central office deriving from parabodometric tests, anamnestic and related prescriptions, thus allowing the department commissioned of production to exploit complete data for the realization of each particular type of orthotics to reach out the different needs of patients. Each specialist will therefore easily be able to connect their instrumental data acquisition systems with our 3D modeling software, always active and working.

Our service processes the information received and establishes which is the best orthotic solution based on the data received, starting (previous confirmation by the expert) the design and production phase of the orthotic, providing for its realization and delivery in a very short time.
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The functionality of Plantar Web software:

The platform is also able to meet the needs of various specialists (such as orthopedists, physiotherapists, physiatrists, rehabilitation centers, posturologists, osteopaths, podiatrists and even personal trainers) to access the platform and get in touch with experts able to provide opinions relating to a specific request. The best orthopedists will then take charge of the request and release their prescription, all through the Plantar Web platform (thus allowing many experts in the sector to be able to satisfy a specific need coming from their patient).

An online platform available in real time;

Immediate transfer of patient following privacy regulations;

Technical assistance through a dedicated call center service;

Fast data processing by the service;

Real-time check of the order status;

Production and delivery in a very short time;

Orthopedic technician via webcam for patient testing.

A reference point for orthopedic professionals

All authorized Plantar Web centers are equipped with all the latest technology postural analysis tools compatible with the platform, it is able to obtain the exact patient data and therefore the best possible result.

The Plantar Web platform is currently available in 50 centers throughout Italy, in the major cities of the north, center and south. Contact us to find the closest Plantar web Authorized Center!

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