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More balance, better performance. Every little step that comes close to victory is a goal worth to overcome. Improve your sporting gesture to perfect your performance. Through high-tech tools, LOM Group helps athletes to solve posture and balance problems through specific exams. Within our center advanced treadmill and analysis software we conduct the biomechanical examination of the sporting gesture, identifying postural and movement defects. Sports doctors identify the elements that need to be improved with the aim of obtaining the right locomotor balance and maximum performance during athletic performance. The data obtained will be transferred to the highly specialized production center to design and manufacture customized orthotics for patients.

The results achieved in this sector allowed many Italian sport champions to improve their performances. Famous sportsmen use our technologies every day and use our sports during competitions and training, receiving great benefits. Based on the needs of individual athletes and in relation to specific sports disciplines, perfectly customized technological supports are created based on some guiding criteria, which are analyzed during the patient’s medical history through specific tests, including the base of the foot, the footing and movement of the individual athlete.

Currently there are many athletes who use our products, both professionals and amateurs, as well as various sports clubs make use of the advice of our team of professionals in the orthopedic sector, allowing many players and athletes to reduce injuries (in addition to improve resistance and physical performance) and therefore benefit from a continuity of performance.

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