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Orthopedic technologies

With LOM Group you have at disposal the most advanced software for the analysis of baropodometric and biomechanical tests in the sector, compatible with most hardware systems for detecting postural and support problems.

We constantly develop and update different applications for both static and dynamic analysis, the best programs for the 3D design of orthotic insoles and an innovative online platform for remote production (to learn more, visit the dedicated Plantar Web page) .

The software we provide are:

Multi-performing software

Our offer for all specialists in the sector includes an advanced software platform for the study of baropodometry, posture, biomechanics and the man-space relationship, compatible with all platforms.
The advantage offered is that of a single product equipped with a centralized database that allows you to carry out multiple types of exams and keep the patient's clinical picture constantly updated.

Thanks to its Automatic Live Update, the program is constantly updated and integrated with any implementations and new features. This software is extremely flexible and can be used at any level, whether it is a complex and multifunctional structure, or by the individual specialist in a doctor's office.

Its interactive modules allow customized configuration based on your needs, obtaining an analysis tool that can be perfectly integrated with your working method, certainly different for every professional in the sector.

The main features of this software:

• Static, dynamic and stabilometric analysis;
• 2D and 3D Podoscanner;
• Surface EMG and baropodometric treadmill;
• One touch printing and global report;
• Statistics Center;
• 2D videography;
• Bio-feedback for rehabilitation and muscle strengthening;
• Live update via localized servers;
• Planning for the management of appointments.
Test execution and acquisition technique

The use of the pressure platform in postural-graphic mode allows us to carry out a series of stabilometric tests through the study of the movement of the pressure center or more commonly called COP.
This software suggests from time to time a series of preset analysis protocols that can be modified to meet different analysis needs.

Among the main data of the stabilometric examination processed by our software we will find the study of the stabilogram, the development over time of the movement of the pressure center, the study of the kinesigram state that is the trend of the COP movement on the horizontal plane, the study of the surface of the confidence ellipse of the trace described by the COP on the horizontal plane.

The interpretation of the stabilometric examination is undoubtedly of an advanced level, for this reason it is very practical to review the examination in its microdynamics through the kinematic function of the software that allows you to view a video consisting of all the frames acquired during the measurement phase.
Model and create orthotic insoles

We offer a 3D CAD-CAM modeling software that allows the creation of computerized orthotic insoles, starting from the design phase to the realization phase, thanks to extremely powerful and professional performances together with its simplicity.

Our software is able to accurately read the 3D scan result and manipulate it to obtain a manageable model on which to build the insole. Like most of all software, this one also has a surface modeling module that can be used for this purpose with the creation of relatively simple shapes and the ability to export data.
If the correct materials are used in compliance with the indications provided by the software, an almost perfect result will be obtained, without the subsequent need for further precautions or corrections.

The best way to enjoy this and other types of software is our innovative Plantar Web page, able to provide you with all the data and useful information relating to the patient's case, while providing the production of the orthotic insole itself, allowing you to reduce and facilitate your work.

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