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Analysis Systems

Analysis Systems

With the aim of offering an optimal service for every need, we propose newly conceived detection systems designed to evaluate posture, gait and running concerning any orthopedic problem. The main target is to improve balance and health, reducing the risk of incurring inflammation of the limbs, joints and back and, for professional athletes, sport injuries.

The main analysis systems at your disposal are:

Excellence in baropodometric analysis

This particular type of platform represents the excellence among the systems for static, dynamic and stabilometric acquisition. Developed using the most modern technologies in the biomedical field the platform is able to satisfy every need of the medical professional, both in the clinical and sports fields.
Basically, the baropodometric platform works through sensors that detect the patient's pressure and loads both in static and dynamic conditions:

• the static analysis allows to evaluate the support defects and which are the overload areas. This test is conducted through a standing test in mono and bipodalic standing;

• thanks to the dynamic analysis, on the other hand, an evaluation of the trend of the footprints during the gait is obtained, evaluating to what extent the support and load surface is divided between the front and back of the foot.

The data obtained are subsequently developed thanks to a state-of-the-art software that allows you to decide which orthopedic solution to adopt, including the possibility of possibly integrating with further tests.
The main functions of the Baropodometric platform:

• Sampling frequency up to 400Hz in real time;
• Configurations: from 40cm x 40cm to 240cm x 40cm;
• PC interface via USB or bluetooth;
• 24K gold coated sensors.
Track your ride.
The baropodometric Treadmill (or RunTime) has a fully sensorized surface capable of guaranteeing an accurate analysis of the pressures on the soles of the feet during walking or running, being able to adjust the slope: in short a real treadmill.

The Treadmill has high definition cameras that allow a real-time evaluation of movements and posture during the movement phase. The processed data are subsequently transmitted to a dedicated software which processes them and transmits them to the technician who can assess if there are postural or biomechanical problems, thus being able to intervene if necessary.

The main features of the Treadmill RunTime treadmill:

• Sampling frequency: 200Hz in real time;
• PC interface through USB port;
• Sensitive area: 120X40 cm;
• Speed: 0,8-18 Km / h;
• Incline: 0-12%;
• Maximum load weight: 130 Kg.
Innovation in sport biomechanical analysis.

BlueTouch Sport is an innovative integrated system that combines baropodometric examination and foot correction, providing a new technology capable of profoundly improving the diagnostic approach and therefore consequently the sports performance of professional or amateur athletes.

The kiosk analyzes the breech support through an innovative 400 Hz platform, thus processing the acquired data and the type of Blue Touch Sport insole most suitable for the athlete in relation to the characteristics of his posture and the sport practiced, which significantly affects on the needs and on different problems that can develop.

The Blue TouchSport insoles are made with highly innovative materials with different densities to best meet the needs of athletes, guaranteeing better sporting performance, grip and resistance to injuries.

The main features of the Kiosk:
• Kiosk with platforms in configurations from 40cm x 40cm up to 240cm x40cm;
• 24K gold coated sensors;
• Sampling frequency up to 400Hz in real time.

All these types of analysis are available, together with furthermore specific tests for the needs, at Plantar Web authorized centers spread all over Italy, ready to offer a service of great quality and technology, characteristics necessary to solve this kind of problem.

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