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Orthotic insoles

The orthotic insoles for all needs

LOM Group offers lines of orthotics in series both for sports and to ensure maximum comfort in elegant footwear. Our service is also able to design and manufacture any type of customized orthotic, thanks to the latest technologies and the use of innovative materials, our orthotics are the excellence for achieving wellness.

Lom uses advanced tools and technologies to produce custom orthotic insoles that are perfectly suited to each patient's needs.

The customized insole allows you to correct posture defects of ordinary people or professional athletes, allowing to obtain benefits both in terms of performance, efficiency and injury prevention.

The Plantarweb service also allows professionals who are located throughout the country (after having subjected the patient to a serious clinical, instrumental, morphological and functional evaluation) to enter the data in an advanced application software and to be able to provide their patients with a custom made to measure insole. Thanks to the use of Plantar Web, professionals will have constant support in the design and construction of the orthotic, allowing the patient to receive it in a very short time.
MyPlantar Personal is a particular dynamic orthotic insole that stimulates and massages the most important muscles of the foot, restoring a good balance to it.

Unlike classic orthotics, in fact, it acts through elastic pads which stimulate and massage all the most important muscles of the foot, restoring a new balance to the whole body and consequently improving the whole posture of the skeleton.

Like all custom insoles, MyPlantar is also built according to the type of foot support and the type of pathology the patient suffers, through pads made to stimulate the muscles necessary to solve the problem.
These insoles are specially designed to give wellness to the whole body starting from the foot.
Ideal for those who spend several hours standing, for athletes and for all those who have posture problems, they act by improving circulation and water retention.

FleboActive does not passively undergo the weight of the body, but acts actively following all the modifications of the foot, adapting to several conditions.

FleboCell is designed to act on circulation by fighting one of the most common problems in women, cellulite. In fact, the main causes of this pathology are to be attributed to two factors: water retention and poor circulation.
This orthotic effectively counteracts not only postural problems, but also counteracts the accumulation of fat cells on the thighs, buttocks and hips.

Both of these insoles act by stimulating the venous pump of the foot, allowing you to make the most of the potential energy that comes from muscle movement.
The ortotic insoles produced in series of this line adapt to everyday life, allowing the user to enjoy support for their work and other activities and to immediately benefit from the use of a tool that is often underestimated, but always indispensable.

Whether it is for moments of leisure or for prolonged and daily use (especially for those who, due to work needs, have to use shoes that are not comfortable), the Fashion & Comfort orthotic insoles help to avoid posture defects and all the pain that can derive from them.
The Plantar Wod insole is a customized orthosis produced by the LOM company for the specific use of the CrossFitter athlete. The biomechanical and proprioceptive components have the task of supporting plantar footing where necessary, aligning the foot correctly with the lower limb, and stimulating muscle action.

It follows a correct execution of the athletic gesture, greater stability and prevention of injuries. Statistically detected the use of the shoe during training of about 1200 hours a year, the comfort developed by the "memory" material and with different densities makes the orthotic an indispensable equipment for the athlete.

The orthotic insole is structured in EVA material in layers of different densities:

• rigid and semi-rigid support: characteristic of the biomechanical and proprioceptive insole, useful for offering the right stability and stimulating the limb in the correct position while using loads.

• memory surface layer: applied to absorb shock in dynamic work and give comfort to the foot.

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